Over 50 years of construction experience

Near-Cal Corporation is a leader in construction of large shopping centers and industrial complexes. Our reputation of continued success with top companies such as Kohl’s, Lowes, Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart attest to our standards and commitment to client satisfaction.

Your “Opening Day” is our priority! We well understand the critical nature of opening dates and recognize that changes in design are commonplace; Near-Cal has never missed an opening date. We have achieved this by:

1. Using high quality subcontractors.
2. Expert supervision during the entire project from start through completion.
3. Flexibility in scheduling project.

Near-Cal Corp. takes on a limited number of projects each year, so our project managers can devote the resources and time to bring each job in on time and on budget.
Our focus on each project is accomplished in a series of steps:

1. Pre-Construction: The design, special construction elements and value engineering are considered before we break ground.
2. Construction: Each phase of construction is scheduled to maintain efficiency and time management with our project managers on-site to maintain quality and integrity.
3. Warranty: Detailed inspections throughout the construction process minimizes warranty issues, but our entire staff is available to assure you of expedient and qualified
warranty resolutions whenever neccessary – usually within 48 hours or less.